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Down to Earth Gardens

Down to Earth Gardens is a family run business, based in Perth, WA. We provide professional gardening services for both residential and commercial properties. Specialising in Australian natives, we are passionate about using plants that will beautify your garden and protect the natural environment.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! We will ensure your garden suits the requirements for your business or your lifestyle. We listen to what our customers want and ensure we provide the best solutions for each individual situation.

Down to Earth Gardens' dedicated team will go above and beyond to get you the best results!

  • We plant gardens that are low maintenance for busy people
  • We are qualified and certified gardeners
  • We won't spray unnecessary chemicals around that will harm wildlife, pets or the environment.
  • We promote sustainability and are water-wise
  • We care - about our clients, our environment and our wildlife
  • We ensure we find the right plant for the right situation
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